Review and publication process

The IJISPM publishes carefully selected articles based on double-blind reviews that cover information systems management and project management topics.

The journal seeks to complete evaluations and decisions on each submission within 45 days from the original date of submission of a article. If the revision of a article is recommended, authors are asked to complete their work and resubmit their article within one month. Overall, the goal of the journal is to complete publication decisions within three months from the original submission of a article.

Upon articles submission, undergoes a preliminary review by the editors. The result of this preliminary review can be:

  • > Send out article for review


    If the article meets the basic requirements of IJISPM submission guidelines, it will be sent to at least two reviewers. Reviewers will make a decision by selecting one of the recommendation options and will comment on given articles.

  • > Return without review (article outside of scope or with grammar/syntax problems)


    If the article is not suitable for the journal or has grammar or syntax problems, it will not be subject to peer review and the decision will be announced to authors.

Having passed the preliminary review, the article is sent for review, resulting in one of the following decisions:
  • > Accept in present form


    When at least two reviewers are in agreement that the article is in condition for publication in its present form, the author will receive an acceptance letter and the article will go to final editing. Following, page proofs are sent to the corresponding author. They must be carefully checked and returned within 48 hours of receipt.

  • > Revision required


    When the reviewers decide that the article is not ready for publication and needs revision, the editor will send the decision to authors. If the authors agree to make the required changes, after doing it, they resubmit the article for new evaluation.

  • > Declined final


    When at least two reviewers are in agreement that the article is inappropriate for publication, no revisions will be requested for further consideration and the author will be notified.

As a condition of final acceptance of an article for publication, the authors must transfer the copyright of the article to SciKA.


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